Entry into Mike’s Harder Can Design Contest-Update!!!

UPDATE – There might have been a mistake with the link that brought you to the wrong can… NOT MY ENTRY!!!  I corrected the link so please read on and if you haven’t voted for me click the Zoopa link below and vote.  If you have, please VOTE AGAIN on MY DESIGN.  THANK YOU!!!

Okay kids, help your old Uncle E out… I’m gunning for 1 of not all four can designs in the Mike’s Harder Can Design Contest on Zooppa (You can sign in with your Facebook Account).  The money will greatly help me out (like who doesn’t money help…duh)… but at least I’ll know that I can get Mony back to her kids for another visit this summer…yeah, that’s a long story but the short of it is that my fiance’ Mony is 3000 miles away from her children and money’s tight right now… no, she didn’t leave her kids, her kids wanted to try living with their dad… ’nuff said ’bout dat.

Anyway, this is the image I’ve entered… if you can vote for me and want to support my endeavors (I know you all support them, I just want more… hey, what can I say… I’m from New Jersey)… tweet this, vote on it at Zoopa, Share it… whatever it takes… Tell Mike’s Hard that you want to see my designs on their cans… their beverage cans… Right away your mind goes in the gutter… jeez, I’m a bad influence.
Thanks for reading… and hopefully voting and please share this with your bazillion friends
E. Vincent

Mike's Harder Submission 1- Evil Apple Sin-a-mon Mikes Harder Contest - Can Design - Evil_Apple_Sin-a-Mon - E_Vincent- Submission1


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