Back With a Vengeance

After four weeks with a broken drawing hand I’m back at it… not like I wasn’t trying anyway, but it feels good to be back to doing what I love without struggling.

So… I’m under an NDA for a comic project I’m working on with a professional in the field.  Can’t drop his name, but I can say that he was a driving force for one of the biggest and said to me that I should take a workshop on some software – which was the final piece of the puzzle to make me say “Workshop?  Go Big or Go Home… I’m going to college!”  Regardless of school, the project is on the move and we’re gunning for the fall of this year… I’m pretty sure this blurb doesn’t violate my NDA but in the event it did… which it shouldn’t… You didn’t read this.

As for my other comic project with Tom Hobbs, author of the Trauma Junkie series (available on; the loose pencils for the Promo Issue were done before my injury and I only need to get a few things out of the way to finish up the tight pencils and get the inks laid down.  Shooting for the end of May for the release of that book.

I’m at it again with Author Jaye Peaches on her new Trilogy… congratulate the woman, publishers are banging on her door for her writing… and throw me a shout out, I’m doing the covers for this next trilogy… watch for the link.  In my opinion I’m going to do far better on this next series of covers than I did before so watch for the WIPs (if I feel like sharing).

In other news you don’t care about… I’m available for work here… On ELANCE and on FREELANCED.  Book soon as time is a commodity and I’ve got limited slots.

I’ll also be whoring around the art contest circuit and entering as many as I can possibly enter… which includes the next MIKE’S HARDER design the can contest coming up in a couple of weeks… You friends, fans and family will need to vote for me, share me (not that way) and help me to be top dog (considering some of the crap entered in the last contest that shouldn’t be to hard).

Thanks for reading…


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