No Mike’s @HARDER, You Won’t…

UPDATE 5/5/14 : The Next Mike’s @Harder Design the Can Contest is open on @Zooppa.  Which means BOOOBS!  Seriously if a poorly fuzzyselect cutout of a GINGER colored cat can be selected by the brain trust running the last design contest, then why shouldn’t boobs!  Well covered, slightly tantalizing, boobage should attract men ages 21 to 29… seriously, think about it… where do most men’s eyes wander… not at her pretty face!

Anyway, want to read why I’m being such a dickhead over this?  Read below.  Thanks.

Yes I am a disgruntled contest entrant of the Mike’s Design The Next Can Contest held on Zooppa… and I’m not the only one.

What makes me disgruntled?  Glad you asked… Mike’s makes me and many like me disgruntled because they tossed their own design brief… their guidelines out the door to choose a couple of the winners.

Now you might be thinking to yourself “Bah E! Yer just beeee-in a bitch!”  Yep, I probably am along with many other designers, marketers and down right amazing artists who…


Others like me, doing what I did,  poured their technique, skill and talent out to create some amazing artwork… after all it was a total of $30,000 on the line… that isn’t chump change and if you were 1 of 4 winners you won $7,500!  Still an awesome figure.

However… Mike’s Hard decided to bend the rules, break the rules, follow part of the rules, shoot from the hip, pull the old “It’s our contest fuck it” approach… who knows.  Their response to my disdain was (on Facebook):

Hey E Vincent – sorry to hear that you’re not a fan of the final four. The decision was certainly hard as ALL of the work was ridiculously good, but these winning designs really stood out. Be on the lookout soon – we’ll be posting another design competition in the near future!

And the rules of the contest can be found here:

The judging of the winners was based on the design brief and those judging requirements were:

“Said judges will determine up to four (4) Grand Prize winners based on the following criteria: originality, 25%, flavor relevance 25%, design quality 25% and brand tone 25%”

So where is the grip in all this?


Members of the community are up in arms just like me about:
What is the flavor relevance?
Where is the design quality?
Where is the brand tone? (I don’t see any Mike’s product with cute little puppies and teddies on them).
But heck, it’s pretty original… 1 out 4 isn’t bad but certainly doesn’t make a a winning design up against so many other designs… I don’t see, as a professional artist, the other three judging criteria being met… and I certainly don’t see as part of the judging criteria “STANDING OUT”

The cat isn’t the only grip the community has, and while it’s probably a bit nit-picky… the design of the man in the motorcycle helmet goes against the no-no of ‘not portraying drunk driving’.  I am not bothered by that design winning but if I’m going to bitch about the rules then I have to bitch fairly.

The problem is that many designers felt Zooppa to be a reputable and more professional contest site, especially in comparison to the number of sites out there running these types of design contests.  Sites like Hatchwise have a major problem with artists and designers using clip art and the community attacking one another and Freelancer is a mish-mash of every profession out there so you’re just loss in an international sea of digital noise.  The biggest problem with these sites is the people holding contests are not the brightest candles on the cake and it’s frustrating when the client wants a professional design based on a specific brief and a professionally trained designers goes to work crafting the beauty… but the client chooses ‘Dot On Canvas’ as the masterpiece logo or some clown from Botswana steals a logo from Uzbekistan and passes it off as original.

This nonsense is what designers ran to Zooppa to avoid, only to suddenly see a reputable company like Mike’s Hard shit all over their own brief and pick a stupid cat as their stand out can.

Sure, if I see a can on the shelf with a screaming kitty at it, I might notice it… but it’s not going to entice my age bracket of men to buy it… maybe a woman might and maybe that’s what Mike’s thought… but then that should have been in the brief.

Mike… You dropped the ball on this… Zooppa… You should have questioned your client’s decision.   Both of you lost.  Zooppa you lost designers and paved the way for half ass designers to seep in under your doorstep and possibly devalue your good reputation.  Mike’s… you lost $29,000 because given your choice of winners you could have held that contest on Crowdspring for $1,000 and got your cat.

Me, I win… I win because now I know the crap that’s going to show up in the next contest, I know who’s not going to participate, I know the number of crappy, half ass designs I can enter and flood into the contest, I know the rules don’t matter and I can put just about anything unoffensive on a can as long as it ‘stands out’ and vaguely condones drunk driving… see, I win because the public is reading this… but so many of my fellow designers have lost to a fluke design.

Congrats to all the winners and Glogirly and her cat Sniffles.  It was a risk you took and Mike’s had way too much of their own booze to not be hypnotized by a cat, but if you won (and I’m sure you did a double take in your own right and said “A Cat?”) – then the universe has seen fit to give you the win you needed… Congrats!

No Mike, You Won’t discourage me…

The rest of you, harass me on Facebook and send me mean tweets on Twitter

Thanks for letting me vent

E. Vincent



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