@Zooppa – Are You Sleeping? – New #GraphicDesign

Updated: May 17 – @Zooppa finally got back to me, after several attempts… boy I hope it didn’t take that long because I’m such an ass.  Anyway… they’re making me put a shirt on my design.  Pffft… so my fiance’ was right.  Anyway, check out my design entries and lets hope the shirt works.

Happiness is speaking softly and carrying a very big stick.  I’m not relatively good at the speaking softly part, which is why I occasionally blah blah blah here on my art blog.

Hey kids, can you say @ZOOPPA?

Can you spell New Graphic Design… don’t hurt yourselves trying, just take a look at the new contest entry for the #MikesHarder Design The Next Can Contest Part 2 that I entered.  It’s not up on Zooppa yet, so sorry no link, but I’m sure after the three day wait period is over… oh wait, it is as of today and still no posting, response to my email inquiry or flat out denial of the design… Hmmm… Could I be a conspiracy theorist here if I said maybe it’s a little to racy for them to make a determination?  Nah, it is original (25% of the judging), it’s got flavor relevance (25%) just look at those Dragonfruits! Okay, maybe the design quality is a bit lacking, but considering what was put up in the last Mike’s Contest (Fuzzy select cat crop); I think I’ll just give myself the 25% for design quality.  Then there is brand tone, the last 25% of judging – frankly part of the criteria is appealing to men between the ages of 21 and 29…Boo—– Dragonfruit appeals to men in that age bracket and Mike’s appeals to men in that age bracket so it stands to reason I got brand tone down.

mike's HARDER Contest - Dragonfruit-Surprize_EOkay, now that I’m done being a bitch, I’d really like Zooppa to get on the ball here and post my design or at least reply to my email inquiry… I get it you’re probably bogged down with an enormous amount of entries given the last contest proved that just about anyone can enter anything… especially with a purse that size to vie for.

So, Zooppa, Mike’s, Friends and Fans… here is my entry for the contest… be honest men, you’d buy this just cause the can is cool… admit it, it could taste like cat piss but you’d be like “Mike’s has the balls to be honest about what men like so I’ll buy it anyway, just because Mike’s has the balls…the boo… er, Dragonfruit.”



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