#NYComicon or Bust!

So I’m working on a project for a new comic book company that’s headed by a heavy hitter of the pre IPO Marvel (that’s even before Disney for you yungins).  Sad thing about working for this new co is … I can’t disclose jack about anything I’m working on.  I can’t tell you the name of the company yet, I can’t tell you who the big cheese is, I can’t show you anything of what I’m working on and I can’t even tell you recipe of the super secret sauce they’re going to blow your panties off with… ewww, that sounded a bit disturbing.

Anyway, I got my work cut out for me, not only do I have to *****CENSORED***** the panels, but I need to *****CENSORED**** the pages and put ****CENSORED**** in spots where *****CENSORED****.  Then I have to ****CENSORED***** and then … you get the idea.  All by July so we can have two to three issues ready for the launch at the #NYComicon on October.

Okay, so you contracted comic book artists and self pub comic artist are like…”Pffft… What’s the big deal”.  And maybe some of you fanboys and laymens are saying the same t.hing…. and a few of you who know my art background and history are like “Pffft  you can sell you’re work, whats so special about some dumb ass comics and a geek convention?”  For shame on you friends and fans thinking like that!

Here’s the gist of it… Grandma told me to get a real job when I was young, she told me that if I wanted to be an artist I’d be a starving artist… so I went ahead and spent 18 years of my life doing something I enjoyed, while I did my art.  And while I did my art I didn’t exactly make it a career… it was just extra.  Well, now I’m going balls out pursuing my art as the job my Grandma told me I’d starve at… and one of those, if not the primary dream of my childhood was to draw comics.  Fuck making movies, fuck being a Hollywood star, I want to draw BATMAN, GHOST RIDER, in fact I want to draw every character out there.  Draw’em, Ink’em, Pencil’em, Color’em, paint them, erase them, create and modify them… I don’t just want to take my childhood dreams and make them reality I want to make them better.  Why?

Well, the saying is… If I knew then what I know now, I’d do X different… well I do know now what I didn’t know then and I am doing X different… that’s why.

So while I can’t give you the dirt on the company, the bosses or the project, I can tell you we’re heading for NY Comicon 2014.

#NYCOMICON or BUST!  And I do mean BUST!… I’m screwed if I don’t make this shit happen!

Thanks for reading




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