Secret Agent Man

So here’s the latest on the Super Secret Secret #ComicBook project I’m not allowed to talk about… so this is just between you and me.  Keep yer yap shut!

I met with the person who doesn’t exist and will remain nameless.  We met at a secret location somewhere in New Jersey near some place over there by that thing near that other place where some stuff was by that place that isn’t supposed to be disclosed that you don’t know is in New Jersey.  We ate some top secret food that you are not to know about and then he showed me some very important super secret documents.

These documents that don’t exist contained information about the imaginary real people who are involved in the super secret comic book company project that I’m not supposed to talk about.  The names of these not real people are…



o032ruish osuhfe9


OAihf9ur hgr

Just to name a few.

But the big name attached to this super secret project will blow your fucking mind!  And it isn’t anyone you know that really exists and has a huge fan base and has done more with their career than most… because they aren’t really here in this dimension and they don’t exist because I’m not supposed to tell you who that person really is.

I’m going to be working on this big star’s project which will be the flagship title for the launch of the company.  The tech behind the company is going to be a game changer because it will give us the power to control your minds and make you our meat puppets.  The story is a good established title and has a fan base as well as market years.  The distribution is beamed directly into your brains via lasers that are attached to shark’s heads which we will place on the surface of the moon.

Okay, so as I progress through this project, I’ve completed my chores on one book and will be putting that title on the back burner to start on the super secret super special flagship title… I’ll be working on inks and colors under a vet of the comic book industry as my editor.

It’s exciting to be working with the talent involved in this project, a childhood dream in fact.  This won’t only open the doors to a world I’ve loved since my youth but pave the way for all my projects I’ve got… My Destined project and Tom Hobbs’ Trauma Junkie.

How does it change everything?  How does technology NOT?  Its not easy to keep you readers updated when I can’t talk about anything and lay out facts and data and show images.  I eventually will, but for the moment and in this reality it’s a cutthroat world we live in and secrecy is the only thing that gives any company an edge over another, especially in an established business.

Dreams of an artist’s or writer’s IP becoming something greater than an idea and a dream is going to be possible through this super secret company.  For example, author Tom Hobbs novella series will gain multinational exposure through the comic series I’m working on through this new imprint.  And it won’t just be through the digital platform… the marketing machine and distribution channels are MONSTERS!  KAIJU SIZED!  Which is why Tom and I are readjusting our schedule of release… why I’m going to go back to my Destined series and rework it’s launch and how exactly I’m going to launch it.

And… Aside from the writing duties, Trauma Junkie will have a TEAM of artists working on it as opposed to just me handling all the chores of the art… what makes being part of this not a real company so cool is that unlike standard industry practice, every artist gets the credit… there are not going to be ghost artists and writers.

Like I stated, this super secret non-existent company that doesn’t involve anyone but the little people living in my pants is a game changer.
Thanks for reading
E. Vincent


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