@Budweiser #MadeInAmerica NYC Party – #AWEMAZSOME!

Tuesday, August 19th 2014 started out as just another day… I woke up and did my morning routine… DAMN! Only enough coffee for one cup, son-of-a-bitch!  After that however the day slowly changed as I double checked my bag of tricks, charged my phone and planned my travel to NYC to represent the city that never sleeps at the #Budweiser #MadeInAmerica NYC Party.

I arrived an hour earlier that I had planned, good thing I did, I needed the time.  Grabbed a slice at the Famiglia’s on 8th and 34th, grabbed some honey roasted almonds off the corner and strolled down the block to see the crowd for the night’s festivities grow.

Got to my workstation and suddenly realized… Hey, there are no other artists… that’s when it hit me… I WAS REPRESENTING THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD!!!


I met Frank Hanes of Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions (the big boss of the company) and right off this man had a vibe of pure positive energy… he was the man everyone wants to meet when taking on a job… that vibe just changes the face of how you work.  If you walk into a project and the executive is a douche… well that can really make your contract stint a heavy load… Not Frank, he and the entire team were nothing but positive energy which made for a grand time at doing what I love.  This is the way all art contracts should go!


The party was awesome, the music loud, the Bud’s cold and the people happy.  It was awesome… or rather AWEMAZSOME to be the chosen artist to represent NYC at this event… One more feather in my cap, notch in my belt and guitar successfully painted.


If you are attending the Philadelphia #MadeInAmerica Music Festival this Labor Day Weekend, you’ll see my work displayed among all the other guitars from all the other cities across America… mine will be the best.  And if you were at the NYC party and were one of the lucky attendees that got to be part of the art… look for your signature on the guitar and tell you’re friend… “See I’m Made In NEW YORK!”



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