The Art of Art #CharlieHebdo

Hannity told Imam Anjem Choudary to ‘Get Over It’ in reference to the depiction of Mohammed the Prophet by french satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.  He referenced his own disgust at artist Chris Ofili’s mixed media painting of the Virgin Mary splattered with elephant dung and how as a Catholic he was offended but didn’t run in there with a gun and shoot people [paraphrased].

In both instances art did what it was supposed to do, elicit a reaction of its viewers.  Rudy Guliani filed a lawsuit against the Brooklyn museum because he was offended by the Virgin Mary image, Imam Choudary supported the consequences of Sharia law –  capital punishment – for depicting images of the Prophet.  The idea of killing someone because you’re offended is far removed from a lawsuit and is an absurd response to the offense.  A lawsuit is absurd enough but at least it’s a civil approach, the extreme Islamic terrorists that acted out this horrible crime go beyond the absurd.

Art exists in Islam, whether it’s secular Islam, proper Islam or extreme Islam… and I’m pretty sure that there are images throughout Islamic history that have nothing to do with their prophet that have offended… so why aren’t there less Muslims in the world?  Shouldn’t many of them be dead since Sharia law seems to be ready to kill you for just about anything?

Art has depicted images that have elicited responses since cave paintings, all kinds of responses but to murder the artists and those publishing the art because of offense is simply bullshit.  It’s an excuse to act with pathetic justifications behind a version if Islam that is as twisted as David Koresh’s version of Christianity (remember the Christian pedophile in Waco Texas).

There is no definitive response to art.  It might offend, it might make one smile, it might make one contemplate, it might inspire or anger, but it does not give one cause to murder… this offense to art is just an extremist excuse to be an animal and barbarian.  Their extreme reaction opens the door to a response and Charlie Hebdo has responded in a peaceful and artistic manner by placing an image of the Prophet Mohammed on the cover of their magazine.  It’s a bold move but one that says to the world ‘we cannot live in fear and give in to the barbaric and twisted vision of Extreme Islamic Hypocritical Terrorists; otherwise they win.’

I’m pretty sure the photographs of porn the extreme, Islamic hypocrite, scumbag terrorists secretly stare at in the dark corners of their secret headquarters is probably offensive to someone out there, but no one is getting shot over it… and some do call it art and some of it is.

There are many things we all hold sacred… how it’s depicted and our response to it is a freedom of expression and a freedom of will.  Whether it’s the written art form or the painted art form, it’s art and it’s designed to make you think… not kill in the name of a twisted version of what should be a peaceful faith.

What has ISIS, Al Queda or the Taliban done to ruin the name of peaceful Islam even more…one can now believe they would behead a 12 year old girl for taking her crayola and drawing a picture of Santa Clause.

Thanks for reading
E. Vincent


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