The Art of Film #OscarsSoWhite

I stare at the television in disbelief, WTF?  Is this really important news!?  Do people have that much time on their hands to make the Oscars controversial?  Film is a form of art and everyone likes or dislikes (has an opinion) about art… Film is a form of art.

So what if we haven’t had an all white nomination since 1995, this doesn’t mean that we’re harkening back to the days of 1965 when people of color had to fight for their basic civil rights, it simply means that this time around the dinosaurs that run the antiquated academy have chosen these specific people as their nominees… did anyone pat them on the back and send gifts when they chose a black man or woman as a nominee… probably not.

So what if it hasn’t been an all male nomination since 1999, this is the last indication that the feminist movement has failed and is simply, as stated above, the dinosaurs choices according to whatever their academy rules are.

There are far more important things in the world to complain about or rise up against, like Bloods and Crips, Columbian cartels and corrupt politicians… and maybe something a little more personal and close to home, like your local soup kitchen.

This Oscars So White thing isn’t a noteworthy nor newsworthy issue, it’s a high profile organization that has made a choice based on a criteria.  Think about it, walk into the Museum of Modern Art and just look at some of the crap they consider art!  I took my children for their first visit to the MOMA a few years back.  We were greeted with garbage as a form of art.  Mind you it wasn’t the three dimensional junk art, it was a grocery cart filed with non-perishable garbage.  Around the corner from that was hay bales stacked in a pile and across from that blinds laid out on the floor… Who the fuck calls that art?  Where were the picket lines and bitchfests about how hard working artists with student loans needed that floor space not some so called artist who probably picked up MOMA’s very own waste and displayed it in the very place it was originally created.

The powers that choose to acknowledge art and artists in it’s varying form may not always agree with the perceptions and opinions of the viewers, this doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy or it’s racist or gender bias.  It simply means these choices were the stand outs among the masses, based on the opinions of the powers that be.  I despise the idea of a red dot on brown canvas being considered art.  I deplore the artist who has no rhyme or reason behind splashing paint on a piece of canvas… old discarded paint, and calling it art (read Donald Trump’s first book ‘Art of the Deal’ for that story).

Let me remind you all about art… in all it’s forms… you’re entitled to your opinion, you can voice your opinion, but when you make it about race, gender, religion and begin to fuel the fans of discord when there is no intention there, then you’re just creating drama and keeping those offenses alive.  Racism is kept alive by just as many fighting for equality as those fighting against and there are real causes and reasons to fight… not art, not film, nor stories or television shows.

The academy probably didn’t decide to go all male and white this year because they wanted to be gender bias and racist… most likely it is because these were the stand out choices for that group of judges… much like the powers behind putting hay bales in a museum and dubbing it art.  Sure it’s offensive in some way, but is it really news worthy… it’s just art, in the case of the academy, it’s moving art.

Do not fan flames when so much is still on fire that matters, let art and all it’s forms rest in a place of entertainment and pleasure.  Let it elicit intellectual and emotional responses and voice opinions, but don’t make controversy… Some of the choices are probably no better than ‘dot on canvas’.


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