The Art of Football ##SeahawksvsPackers

So jumping on the football bandwagon, but not having time to watch the games, but still jumping on the bandwagon… I felt fans might need to know that some tight end or assistant coach isn’t doodling their team logos for the next evolution of the team image… there’s a real science behind the designs and I found two places you can see both the deep history behind a design and the design aesthetics.

The Alaska Dispatch News dives into the Seahawks iconic bird logo –

The Sports Design Blog brings you a look at Green Bay’s iconic ‘G’ and the subtle differences in it through the decades –

I think it only adds to your knowledge base as a fan of something when you can find those obscure but poignant bits of information and really know (in the case of sports) something more about your team and the behind the scenes details.

The players make the team and bring it to the playoffs, they make the big plays and some bad plays that go down in history, but the brand image you come to recognize from a mile away, that’s not made by players, coaches, managers and owners… it’s made by artists.  Everything from the uniforms (and we know there have been some seriously crappy design choices through the years) to logos.  Those people, the guy or gal burning the team icon into your retinas – they are the one’s that take the awesome plays and put an image to them.

The next time you’re wearing your favorite team emboldened over your man junk, remember that you’re wearing a piece of iconic art (that probably is making your man junk look a lot better than it really is).



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