FINALLY! A New Era In #Comicbooks

It’s about effin’ time!  I’ve only been part of this project for the last year and have been dying to tell all my friends and family, follower, associates and haters about it…  It’s been great working with everyone listed in the press release (and those not listed)… I look forward to continuing forward and hope you’ll follow along.

So here’s what I’m part of and I can promise you that it only gets bigger from here.







Los Angeles, CA — LNL Partners introduces a first in digital-comic experiences: the Cinematic Graphic Novel.

The Cinematic Graphic Novel is a unique new format for digital-comic content: an enhanced reading experience featuring a stylistic new dimension in animation, music soundtracks and in-story sound effects. It expands the user experience beyond anything in digital comics now, taking the art form well beyond anything else in the marketplace.

LNL Partners’ debut Cinematic Graphic Novel trailer is for the original science-fiction series PHAZER, created by comics-industry veteran Mariano Nicieza and artists including Ariel Olivetti, John Hebert, Sam Carlin, Tom Grindberg, Philip McNulty, Deena Simmons and Wilson Ramos Jr. “We are very excited to introduce PHAZER, the first of what we hope will be many Cinematic Graphic Novels,” said Nicieza, Chief Creative Officer of LNL Partners’ Comics Division. “Developing and delivering this new format has been a labor of love for me and my colleagues, and we believe comics fans will thoroughly enjoy this enhanced experience.”

Woven into the storyline of this unique science-fiction adventure are a combination of experiences powered by the fusion of art and technology. Fans can truly immerse themselves into the story like never before. Look for PHAZER to be released later this year. The demo trailer can be viewed for free at

Official Teaser

LNL CGN PHAZER TRAILER from Gary on Vimeo.

About LNL Partners’ Comics Division:

LNL Partners is a partnership of Emmy Award-winning Disney digital artist/editor GARY LAIRD, Emmy Award-winning music and audio producer SCOTT LIGGETT and MARIANO NICIEZA, a publisher and producer with credits for Marvel Entertainment, Disney, Malibu Publishing, Fleer, Paramount and Panasonic. Perfecting its innovative technology over the course of two years, enlisting experienced and proven comics artists and writers, LNL Partners has developed the resources to sustain a longtime presence in this competitive and exciting marketplace.


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