Finally!!! A New Era in #WilliamShatner (and Comics)!

HOLY SHIT!!! It’s finally here and I can finally talk about it!!!!


I’ve been chomping at the bit for nearly a year now to blah blah blah my ass off about working on a project with the LNL Partners team and #WilliamShatner (Gratuitous plugs start here!).

First let me say working with a legend from #MarvelComics, Mariano Nicieza (yes that’s Nicieza I wrote, for all you comic geeks of the 80s and 90s #FabianNiceiza ‘s brother)… see what I did there.  But that’s not the only legendary comic book hero on the team… I’m having an awesome time working with #WilsonRamosJr.  The king Kaiju over at #TeamKaiju and #Section8Comics.  Yep, he is also a Marvel vet and a pleasure to work with.

Now I know there are tons of names I can be dropping here #FrankLovece, #GaryLaird, #ScottLigget and then of course the name drop you all want to know about is the big man himself, #WilliamShatner and yes, I have met him and he is not just a creative inspiration, he is boiling over with ideas, energy and talent… I don’t say that because I’m ass kissing either, those of you who know me know I have no time for B/S.  William is a force of nature, and I’m not a star struck kind of guy… but when he entered the meeting you could feel the energy he has… even after a full day and night of working… he was still brimming over with creative vitality.  So what has that creative force of nature done?  He’s created Man O War.

Bill and me at creative meeting with LNL team
Bill and me at creative meeting with LNL team

William wrote a two book series some time back and today Mariano, Gary and Scott along with the LNL Partners creative team and digital media powerhouse #Panelfly are bringing that story to life in a new comic media format that sets the stage for all future comic book formats.

How you ask… here, have a look:

So how do you become part of this project? I became part of it because I think I’m an artist (or so someone has told me) you however can become part of the William Shatner future by joining us on #Indiegogo – William Shatner’s Man O War

Friend me on Facebook and Like the William Shatner Man O War Facebook Page for all the latest updates and news.  Also follow the MOW Project on Twitter

Join us and stay tuned in for more…


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