I’m such a #Fanboy

While I have little time to blog and maintain this site, I make every effort to do so just so I have it… most of my interaction these days is Facebook, Twitter and now I’m trying to bolster my Instagram presence.  Even as easy it is to post from my phone and interact, I still find it difficult to maintain that regular flow of information, but every now and then I take a minute to look around and see if there are any new people I can follow.

This is where the fanboy part comes in… I am sending friends requests on facebook, selective requests because I don’t need seventeen million ‘friends’, and I select based on various reasons but mostly because I have no idea how I’m supposed to be building my fan base…. therefore I act the fan and send requests to my favorite artists from my youth.

When I get a little notification that so and so has accepted my friends request, I casually look and my internal voice gives me the little ‘cool’… but when I interact with one of those childhood art idols and they reply back… my inner Fanboy goes ubergeek…

Inner Fanboy: “OMG!!!! E…. do you know who that is????”

Me: “Yes, yes I do Fanboy… be cool don’t want to scare’em off.”

Inner Fanboy:  “Are you shitting me… it’s (insert name here), he/she is fucking awesome!!!  We should get an autograph… do you have a comic from back in the day, didn’t you meet them once at a con?  What should we say, should we praise them or maybe we should get on our knees and offer to be the student… OMG!!!”

Me: “I have plenty of comics from bac…. wait, shut up, I’m not asking them for an autograph.”

Inner Fanboy: “Are you stupid, this isn’t some talentless overpaid movie star… It’s (insert name here), they inspired you in your youth… get the autograph!”

Me:  “Maybe, at some point, but for now let’s just say thanks for the add.

Inner Fanboy: “Seriously, thanks… you need to gush, fall to your knees and be grateful… polish their shoes and ask if you can erase their stray pencil marks.  I’m going to order some frames for the autographed pictures, what do you think they’ll like to eat, we can cater the autograph session and….

Me: “Cater, what?  Ugh, I really need to stop letting you talk.”

That’s what it’s like when your favourite artists interact with you.  They don’t have to be flying high on some box office smash, they inspired you or influenced you in some way as an artists… maybe just a thanks for that and letting them know they reached a lot of people and inspired many more.  But yeah, it’s cool to have an artists that you followed and who inspired you actually communicate with you as if you’re just one of the boys.

Now I get why people get all jacked up over movie stars and singers, I never understood it, but now I get it.

Thanks for reading



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