The Latest #WilliamShatner Man-O-War News

So here we are, at the end of my shift… my run thus far on the William Shatner Man-O-War project has pretty much come to an end (for now).

I’ve done some ghost pencils on the CGN (Cinematic Graphic Novels), inks (which I’m not thrilled with myself about), coloring work, layout and design work on the digital comic (soon to be available on #Comixology) as well as some layout of type for supporting collateral (which will be found in the digital and print comics).

We made our small debut on the web, a video here, a promo there.  We did our Q&A with Mr. Shatner at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Comic Convention to prime the true hardcore fans for the big push at #SDCC and are racing to the finish line to make the digital comics available on Comixology by the SDCC.  It’s been a mad rush.

So far I think one of the coolest things was meeting not just the some of the current talent on the project; Rick Emond, Philip McNulty, Wilson Ramos JrFrank Lovece, John Hebert, and Mariano Niceiza, but I also got to meet the creative machine himself William Shatner.

I can’t forgot some of the amazing talent I discovered at Brookdale Community College, (#BrookdaleCC).  I was able to implement a new style of internship with Brookdale thanks to the support of Dean William Burns and many of the educators there.  Mariano Niceiza (my editor) was on board whole heartedly and William Shatner backed the plan with firm conviction on supporting the future of creatives.  This opened the door to meeting some great young talent, a few of which I will continue my creative relationships with (mama didn’t raise no dummy… I know talent when I see it).

It’s been a great ride so far and I’m really looking forward to the fruits of our labors being in the hands of the public.  Art isn’t just work to me, it’s a passion and you bet your ass I’m an artistic legend in my own mind.

It doesn’t end there though… I now have the most intimidating honor of inking over the pencils of one incredibly amazing artist… John Hebert on the second wave of properties from LNL Partners/MN Productions: PHAZER – Created by Mariano Niceiza.  So here begins the second assault on your visual senses… Oh, you thought this was a one off?  Puhleeeze Bitch, I’m to legendary for that (at least on my little island of me).

Thanks for reading
E. Vincent


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