MAN-O-WAR, William Shatner and San Diego to New York

Well it’s finally here!  It’s official! The project I’ve been part of along with a group of great professionals is finally available for consumption by the masses.  That’s right, the super secret comic project I’ve been working on that hasn’t been much of a secret for some time now is officially on iTunes and Vimeo as a Cinematic Graphic Novel and on Comixology as a digital comic book.  Clicking the links will take you there, however you might ask, what the EFF is a Cinematic Graphic Novel?

Well… you might think it’s a cartoon, you might think it’s a motion comic, you might think it’s been done before, you might think you need an app for that, you might even think that it’s just another gimmick to get you to buy a comic book… because glow in the dark, hologram, die cut, scratch and sniff alternative covers weren’t enough already.  You might be wrong.

William Shatner’s MAN O’ WAR from Shatner’s Man O’ War on Vimeo.

Cinematic Graphic Novels is a new way to enjoy reading.  OMG, did E. say reading.. you mean I have to fucking read something?!  Where’s the app for that?  That’s coming kids, don’t worry.  But in the meantime, CGN as we lovingly refer to it is, as Mr. Shatner put it, somewhere between an animation and a comic book.  To loosely quote the force of nature known as Mr. William Shatner, it allows a reader to enjoy the experience of reading a comic and imagining what a character might sound like, while giving them the somewhat animated experience, sound effects and music that an animated feature would provide.  Thus only enhancing the reading experience yet letting the readers imagination develop the characters.

I feel, where motion comics ended up taking that away from readers and seemingly short changed them on the full animation experience, CGN gives readers a dynamic reading experience that puts just enough animated aspects to it.  To further feed the fans an even greater experience, in the second wave, interactivity will be a an added feature through the Panelfly portal.

Panelfly will offer readers the ability to touch hotspots in the CGN that will allow them to read portions of the original book, gain bonus content, access information on characters, obtain exclusive offers, and eventually allow readers access to other material in connection with those who have worked on the project, like new writings by William Shatner, exclusive video, and much more.  The second wave is proposed for NY Comic Con this October.


From idea 2 years ago, to writing, art, ink, color, edits, layouts, animations, sound, music… a ton of hands of been on deck.  The coding for the Panelfly app, the marketing, the networking.  Podcasts with the guys from AMC’s ComicBook Men to press releases.  The people at LNL Partners, Shatner Singularity and Panelfly have put together an awesome crew to pull this off… and when we made the pre-release announcement at Atlantic City Boardwalk Comic Convention, we never thought it was going to be as greatly anticipated as it was, which was proven at this years San Diego Comic Con International when media outlets we weren’t expecting picked up the story… It’s been an awesome ride, but it isn’t over.  We’re heading for phase 2 at New York Comic Con this October and need you fans to keep wanting, sharing, rating and talking about the project.  Stay tuned… more to come.

Thanks for reading

E. Vincent


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