Purchase and Commissions

If you are interested in purchasing select prints of my work, please visit Imagekind.  I’ve chosen this on line company over all because they are focused on wall art of all types, and I feel as this is how my art is best represented, this is the kind of company that I want processing my images.
You can find me here:  E. Vincent – Imagekind

Generic Stock
If you are looking for generic stock, such as clip art and photos, you can visit my profile at Can Stock Photo.  I’ve chosen this company as my stock image storefront because of their respect and dedication to both their contributors and the product.  If the product doesn’t meet their strict guidelines it is not ‘thrown up’ for the sake of having something there to make a buck.
You can find me here: My Stock Images on Can Stock Photo 

I’m always taking commissions and contracts for work.  Please contact me with a synopsis of the work at E.VincentArt@gmail.com