Blank Ink Creative Partners

Black Ink Creative Partners is my partnership in visual communication media company with several professionals in marketing, visual communications and multi-media.

In an age when everything is designed digitally in mom’s basement, without deep, thorough thought, experience, talent and expertise…and it’s all about mass consumption, we feel that so much of the message is lost.  We stare in awe at printing companies who cannot properly space typography and realize just how much they do not care about the quality of their work.  We wonder how diamonds on the lips of a poorly photographed model is supposed to convey the message of eye lash weaving… then we realize how bad businesses are taken advantage of with a good line of b/s and some shine.  One man said to me ‘You can’t put sprinkles and frosting on sh!+ and call it a cupcake’ and he is right.

It’s our goal to create original designs using both traditional and digital methods to create product our clients can be as proud of as we are, that defines who they are, the message they are conveying and is truly their own.

With a team versed in graphic design, fine arts, marketing, illustration, multi-media, photography, typography, and much more expertise, if you’re a small regional, growing business then you want to check out the company at Black Ink Creative Partners & meet the rest of the growing team.

You can also find more of mine and Black Ink’s growing portfolio on the site.