Welcome to the official website of artist, Eric Vincent.

When I was a good student, my teachers would let me go into the library that doubled as a cafeteria, at Fanny Meyer Hillers Elementary School in Hackensack New Jersey… and I would draw, and draw, and draw.

When my mother took me to school with her because she didn’t have a baby sitter, I was exposed to all forms of art, from art history to drapery, from hat making to figure drawing.  I was lucky enough to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology before I was six, of course it was out of necessity and by proxy I became a student, but I was exposed to art and all the culture of an ever evolving city (one I never stopped loving).

I chose a full time career in banking and finance but never left my art roots behind me.  While I learned the professional world of business and finance I continued to freelance part time.

Since 1993 I’ve been freelancing across the design and art spectrum, providing creative services to multiple market segments throughout the U.S., Canada and the UK.  In 2011 I began freelancing full time, leaving my career of 18 years to pursue my passions in art (doesn’t hurt to note that when the markets collapsed in 2007 it was ART that paid the bills, kept the lights on and filled our bellies… yep… ART!)

From logos to customs, book covers to private commissions and everything in between, there are no boundaries or limitations; imagination and creativity are only limited by a lack of vision, a line we fear crossing or our choice not to dream big.

I utilize both traditional and modern technological means to create, I’m a firm believer as an artist I must know how to use a paint brush as well as I know how to use software.

Those who master the traditional tools of their trade will be the Rembrandt’s of the apocalypse. ~ E. Vincent