‘Eric is a wicked designer.  He pushes people to their creative limits – but in a good way.’
~ Erich Drazen (photographer)

As an artist with more than 3 decades in the arts world I am always looking for what can be better, how can I make it better, how can I push myself to get that message out there. While I ask that of others, I demand it of myself.  Whether it’s a painting or a design, a brochure or presentation… I want to know; what will make this design, this piece of art say ‘HEY, LOOK AT ME, DAMN IT!!!”

Having worked in the corporate sector for 18 years helping to develop start-ups and redevelop existing businesses it was my job to try and take the words a client used and visualize them.  It was my job to create an identity that conveyed the values, the mission, and the ideas behind the business.  Develop marketing plans and collateral, presentations for bankers and investors, images that sold the viewers the messages.  Here is where I developed the understanding of ‘identity’.

After spending this time developing a sense of brand management and creation I further ventured into fine arts work, publications, graphic novels, and other more fine art related materials that required the skills of my hand and analogous mediums.  Honing these crafts that would become invaluable as my years in the creative industry grew.


For the last several years I have been amalgamating both the digital and analog worlds into a refined method of developing visual communications.  Whether it is an original painting and digital text, photography with practical (or digital) special effects, text driven collateral, or wordless messages filled with original iconography and familiar ideas, my skillset is filled with greater depth than I could have ever thought possible.

Having been exposed to the art world since I could barely walk, with a mother who thrived in fashion design at FIT, family who dove head first into fine arts, growing up through the 70s, 80s, and 90s and now working in an educational environment (part time) I have my finger on the pulse of culture – today’s culture and yesterdays.  I’m mindful of where we’ve been and where we are, and… where we are headed.  Mindful that originality is the key to successfully communicating visual messages in a world where nothing is original anymore.

I am deadline driven, which is crucial in our fast paced world, and I manage multiple contracts and various campaigns.  All my current work is contracted and my days are filled with the awe and wonder found in being creative.

Those who master the traditional tools of their trade will be the Rembrandt’s of the apocalypse. ~ E. Vincent